Egyptian Cotton Vs. Regular Cotton

Egyptian cotton has become quite popular over the years, thanks to its superior quality, softness and longevity. Today it is acknowledged as one of the best cottons in the world. The markets are full of various brands of Egyptian cotton sheets as there has been a growing demand for these products since the last decade. But many consumers do not know the real difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton and why Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best in the world. This article explains everything you need to know about the best type of cotton for your bed and bath linens.

What is Egyptian cotton?

The cotton that is derived from the plants grown in the Nile valley of Egypt is known as Egyptian cotton. For centuries, Egyptian cotton plants have been growing in the fertile Nile valley due to the unique climatic conditions of the region that creates a perfect growing environment for these plants.

So the first thing you need know is that the plant that produces Egyptian cotton is completely different from regular cotton plants gown in India and other parts of the world. As the plant is different, it is quite obvious that the characteristics of Egyptian cotton is bound to be different from regular cotton.

Egyptian cotton fibers, also known as long staple Giza fibers are much longer in length compared to regular cotton fibers. This helps the fibers to transform into long uninterrupted yarns of cotton. The fabric woven from these yarns is extremely soft and long lasting due to fewer joints, thanks to the long cotton fibers.

Another factor that sets Egyptian cotton apart from regular cotton is that is is handpicked whereas regular cotton is harvested by a machine. This can have a great impact on the quality of the yarn. Handpicking ensures that the fibers are not damaged during harvest and are kept intact. This process plays a significant role in ensuring longevity of the fabric.

Is Egyptian cotton better than regular cotton?

Of-course yes. By now, you should be aware that the long fibers of Egyptian cotton helps in crafting soft and long lasting fabric. That's why Egyptian cotton sheets are known to last for years. In fact, these incredible bed sheets are known to get better every time you wash them. In addition to this, Egyptian cotton fabric is more porous compared to regular cotton. This allows your skin to breath and helps you stay cool and dry in your bed. Regular cotton sheets do not possess these unique qualities.

Therefore, 100% Egyptian cotton bedding offers incredible comfort and is worth every penny you spend. These beautiful bed sheets are available in many vibrant colors that can add a never ending charm to your bedroom.

So finally, did you make up your mind to own these incredibly gorgeous bed sheets? Your can try our beautiful Giza collection sheets that are crafted from handpicked top quality Egyptian cotton procured directly from the farms in Egypt. The sheets are available in solid and stripe patterns and in a variety of colors. For premium bedding, our Premium Giza Collection solid sheets are available in 13 shades.

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